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Multidisciplinary Thalasso Center
Multidisciplinary Thalasso Center




Multidisciplinary Thalasso Center

Its medical spa center with a multidisciplinary character is integrated into the hotel and intended for curative and physical recovery. The care given combines the specific techniques with the use of the virtues of seawater and the therapeutic mud of Lake Techirghiol. This know-how has been accumulated over 50 years of medical practice by its specialists in rheumatology and physical recovery as well as by its paramedical staff. The medical examination is mandatory and a medical report will be sent to you at the end of the program.

The thalasso medical center offers a full range of specific treatments:

  • In hydrotherapy: shower-massage, underwater massage, plant baths, therapeutic mud baths, medical gym in the swimming pool with heated sea water or with a mezzo thermal water rich in sulfur.
  • In physiotherapy: dry manual massage with therapeutic mud or with essential oils, wraps with therapeutic mud or paraffin; recovery gym, individual physiotherapy as appropriate, aerosols with seawater.
  • In physio & electrotherapy: Galvano therapy, magnetotherapy, interfering currents at low frequency, dia-dynamic or ultra-short rays, ultraviolet rays, etc.

Address :

Strada Matei Basarab 3, Mangalia 905500, Roumanie

Region : The Black Sea coast

Beaches and Thalassotherapy

Just south of the Danube Delta, the coastline consists of beautiful and wide sandy beaches, licked by the gentle waves of the Black Sea.

- The seaside resorts share the same latitude as Venice and the Côte d'Azur and offer a modern hotel infrastructure, original gastronomy, entertainment and various activities as well as historical and archaeological sites of Greco-Roman beauty.

- Thalassotherapy establishments on the coast offer care adapted to each person in a modern, pleasant and sunny environment. The mud extracted from the Techirghiol Lake is a true wonder of nature. This is the solution to spend an effective and healing "Wellbeing" holiday with an exceptional value for money

City : Mangalia

An oasis of calm and beauty, Mangalia is the southernmost resort on the Romanian coast. It is above all a historic city, which is well anchored in the present, remains animated throughout the year.

From 15.03.2019 till 15.12.2019 : 6 Days : 176.88 € From 15.03.2020 till 15.12.2020 : 6 Days : 176.88 €

From 15.03.2019 till 15.12.2019 : 12 Days : 337.68 € From 15.03.2019 till 15.12.2019 : 18 Days : 506.52 € From 15.03.2020 till 15.12.2020 : 12 Days : 337.68 € From 15.03.2020 till 15.12.2020 : 18 Days : 506.52 €

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